"AAC Acoustic Holdings Inc." has changed to "AAC Technologies Holdings Inc."   

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Training & Development

Training Systems and Objectives

The training systems of AAC Technologies are divided into four categories, including induction training for all employees, skills training for production line workers, management training for managers at all levels, and "other" training. The training objectives of the "other" category are not limited to specific roles, and are held as needed based upon the demands of the Company and the interests of the employees.

The objective of employee training is to identify and address the fundamental needs of the Company in achieving its development goals. Training helps develop the potential of employees by providing diversified learning opportunities and enhancing their organizational competency by raising concern about their own overall development. Through the integration of professional and technical personnel, vocational training, the application of research and development and other excellent intellectual resources, the Company shares practical knowledge, skills and experience with personnel at all levels through the AAC Business School* education system. This education platform is effectively a "vocational college" for staff improvement, and a tool for implementing Company development strategies and spreading its corporate culture. Constantly developing with the help of the AAC Technologies educational system, all workers from the production line to management serve as a foundational asset enabling the Company to provide customers with excellent products and services.



Talent Training Program

  • Reserve personnel training program -- Devotes approximately one year to train over 200 fresh graduates from key universities into engineers or managers, from which the Company selects the best talents according to their performance.
  • Production management talents training program -- Includes compulsory and elective courses to cultivate qualified production management personnel. The Company is the workstation and practice base for the post--doctorates and masters of several research universities.
  • Talent pool program -- cultivates reserve personnel for every key position.


Career Path

AAC Technologies provides its employees with H-type two-channel career development paths and offers current employees the same learning and promotion opportunities based on the principles of equality, openness and fairness. Additionally, in order to help employees achieve their career development goals, we also provide people-oriented management and technology trainings.

AAC Technologies has carefully developed promotion and evaluation systems. At the beginning of every year, the Company issues annual performance objectives in accordance with set strategic objectives, and supervisors and employees jointly develop challenging and quantifiable targets. The Company holds an objective performance evaluation every quarter, the results of which inform employees of their learning and developmental progress. In addition, we also adopt a job rotation policy. For those positions that need employees to learn from others and rotate jobs, the Company encourages job rotation, thus promoting teamwork and empathy in management and fostering multidisciplinary abilities in workers.