"AAC Acoustic Holdings Inc." has changed to "AAC Technologies Holdings Inc."   

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Stakeholder Engagement

AAC Technologies has a wide network of stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, communities, suppliers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). We communicate with our stakeholders on an ongoing basis through channels and platforms such as annual reports, sustainability reports, surveys, regular dialogue and meetings. The table below lists our stakeholder groups, our methods to engage with them, and the topics we address.


Customers Seminars, in-person meetings, customer satisfaction surveys Product innovation, carbon emission
Communities Volunteer opportunities, outreach Education, social welfare, environmental protection
Employees Employee satisfaction surveys,newsletters, training, social media platform, communication sessions Health and safety, training and development, welfare and benefits
Government In-person meetings, responses to government or regulatory policies Regulatory requirements, environmental, safety
Shareholders/Investors Investors’ meeting, annual general meeting, sustainability reports Operation and strategy, corporate governance, risk management
Suppliers Seminars, trainings, onsite visits, in-person meetings, audit Raw material sourcing (including conflict minerals), carbon emission, process optimization, human rights, ethics
NGOs Volunteering and donation Community investment