"AAC Acoustic Holdings Inc." has changed to "AAC Technologies Holdings Inc."   

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Code of conduct

Operation of AAC will strictly observe the principles of honesty, impartial and fairness with legal and moral standards. All employees of AAC must comply with all national, provincial and local laws, ordinances, regulations of their localities, as well as this policy.

The code of ethics of the Company aimed to provide staff with certain rules and standards to be followed in their connections with customers, suppliers and other related parties of our business. We strictly prohibit any suspicious or illegal intelligence gathering, in order to protect the reputation of the Company and employees to avoid the occurrence of any unethical business behavior.

The Company is committed to develop business with high ethical standards, and endeavors to be equipped as an outstanding member of the world.

The Company is determined to provide quality products and outstanding services to the world market for economic returns.

We will strictly comply with high ethical standards and perform all obligations of an outstanding corporate.

To achieve this target, all employees shall assume the following responsibilities:

  • Produce safe products and protect the environment in accordance with the safe operation regulations of the Company.
  • Sincerely and equally treat all of the customers and suppliers.
  • Honest, impartial and legitimate business development.
  • Avoid conflict of personal interests and corporate interests.
  • Protect and proper use of internal information, materials, property and resources of the Company.
  • Non-public information shall keep in confidential and is not for private interests.

When dealing business on behalf of the company, each employee shall adhere to high ethical standards for the Company to maximize its benefits. The following situations shall be handled with extra-care to avoid violation of the rules and regulations of the Company:

  • Employees shall not accept or claim any amount of cash, gifts, privileges or hospitality, unless it is consistent with normal business practices (such as normal business meals or promotional gifts, etc.)
  • Employees shall strive to avoid or shall accurately report any potential conflicts of interest between individuals and the Company.
  • Without permission, employees shall not disclose confidential information of the Company to external person or employees within the Company who shall not be informed with such information.
  • When reporting or handling the financial statements, employees shall not be tampered with, falsified, deliberately omitted, hide the fact.

If the staff have any questions in relation to the ethics standards of the Company, please ask supervisors or managers for a clear answer.

It is the responsibility of every employee to protect the tangible and intangible assets of the Company.

Non-discriminating principles

Respect to individual is the basic principle of AAC.

As part of its code of ethics, AAC insist that everyone is equal and respect to individual.

AAC will not discriminate against suppliers, employees or shareholders for the race, color, age, sex, religion, disability, nationality or military service, etc.


Any form of request, demand or acceptance of any gifts with economic values from suppliers, representatives of suppliers or potential suppliers is prohibited.

The selection of suppliers, partners is based on competitive prices, reliable quality and timely delivery. Bribery, procurement or preferential condition is strictly forbidden.

Bribery, procurement or other actions to customers to achieve the sales target of the company is prohibited.

Strictly implement monetary policy of the nation, and bribery, money laundering is strictly prohibited.