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Code of Conduct and Whistleblowing Policy

The Company recognises that employees form an integral part of the internal control system of the corporate structure. On joining the Company, all employees are encouraged to study and keep abreast of the Company’s expectations regarding their duties and integrity as spelt out in the Staff Compliance Manual and the Code of Ethics. The manual and the code set out the guiding principles to do what is right, behave with integrity and honesty and treat other colleagues fairly, respect diversity and observe legal regulations, accept accountability, communicate openly appropriately and always behave in a manner that is beyond reproach.

A group ethics committee, comprising CEO, heads of operations at the different operating locations, legal and human resources, is established to review and monitor the policies under the staff manual and the practices advocated in the Code of Ethics.

To build into a system where there are checks and balances such that no single party could ‘dictate/control’ a transaction, activity or process to conceal irregularities, the Company recognizes that it is necessary to provide an environment and a system where employees could feel free to report problems to management. A Whistleblowing policy has been incorporated into the Code of Ethics, where employees are encouraged to raise concerns in confidence about misconduct, malpractice of matters related to the Company. “Whistleblowers” are assured of protection against unfair dismissal, victimization or unwarranted disciplinary action. To facilitate the implementation of the policy, the various reporting channels and the filing of the reporting documentation and the investigation report are laid out clearly. The Audit Committee has been delegated with overall responsibility for implementation, monitoring and periodic review of the policy.

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