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Shareholders Engagement & Value

The Board recognized the significance of establishing procedures and internal controls for handling and disseminating inside information about the Company on a timely, accurate and complete basis. The Corporate Disclosure Policy is to ensure that the continuous disclosure standards and procedures are in compliance with the requirements of the Listing Rules, SFO and applicable laws and regulations of the Cayman Islands and the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, including the “Inside Information” legislation.

To facilitate the process, a disclosure committee has been formed and designated spokespersons are appointed with well-defined responsibilities of communicating and monitoring information disclosure to Shareholders, the investment community and the media if appropriate.

Communications with Shareholders and Investment Community

A Shareholder Communication Policy sets out various formal channels of communication with Shareholders. The transparent and comprehensive disclosure of the Company’s performance and activities is to ensure that Shareholders and the investment community are provided with ready, equal and timely access to balanced, understandable and up-to-date operating information about the Company, such as its financial performance, strategic goals and plans, material developments, governance and risk profile, in order to enable Shareholders to exercise their rights in an informed manner, and to allow Shareholders and the investment community to engage actively with the Company.

A number of formal communication channels are used. These include the annual report, interim report, announcements, circulars and press releases of the Company. The Company also updates its website regularly to ensure prompt dissemination of information about its latest development.

Annual general meeting is another means to enter into a direct dialogue with Shareholders. Board members, particularly the Board Chairman, the Chairmen of all Board committees or their delegates, and a representative of the external auditor attend the AGM to answer Shareholders’ questions.

In addition, the Company provides full support to the investor relations team by involving senior management in ongoing dialogue with Shareholders and the investment community to keep them abreast of the Company’s latest development strategy, business management, financial information and business progress.

The Company’s investor relations team is committed to meeting Shareholders’ and investment community’s requests on communicating business-related information in a timely manner, and to proactively communicate with the investment community. The investor relations team also reports to the Board on a monthly basis to keep the Board informed of the latest perceptions in the market regarding the Company and the issues of concern to Shareholders and the investment community.

As part of the process in dealing with “Inside Information”, the investor relations team observes “Quiet Periods” that begin one calendar month prior to the announcements of its quarterly, interim and year-end financial results to avoid the potential for selective disclosure or its perception of doing so. During the Quiet Periods, there will not be any IR-related access to senior management. The “Quiet Periods” policy is posted in the “Investor Relations – Quiet Period Section” of this website.