"AAC Acoustic Holdings Inc." has changed to "AAC Technologies Holdings Inc."   

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The Corporate Governance Code

In addition to the semi-annual review of the Compliance of the CG Code, the Company has a culture of striving to exceed its minimum requirements of Code provisions, including the followings:


Since the first date of listing in Hong Kong, the Chairman has been an independent non-executive Director holding this role separate from the CEO’s role. The Company has facilitated the Chairman to execute his responsibilities towards the Board and Shareholders of the Company;


The Audit Committee has met at least four times a year to review internal control and financial reporting matters ahead of Board meetings;


Since listing, the Company has adopted quarterly reporting of financial results. To keep all non-executive Directors informed on a timely basis, updates on business operations and financial results are provided to them on a monthly basis. A significant proportion of the executive Directors’ remuneration is linked to corporate and individual performances. The Company has disclosed details of remuneration payable to members of senior management by bands in our annual reports. A whistleblowing policy and system is in place;


Appropriate insurance cover in respect of legal action against the Directors has been arranged by the Company to cover them against costs, charges, expenses and liabilities incurred arising out of the corporate activities;


The Company’s Nomination Committee has been chaired by an independent non-executive Director and all three members are independent non-executive Directors;


An ERM framework was adopted with the assistance of external professional advice ahead of the Stock Exchange consultation and conclusions in this connection.