"AAC Acoustic Holdings Inc." has changed to "AAC Technologies Holdings Inc."   

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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

(Adopted by the Board on 23rd March 2016)

AAC Technologies Holdings Inc (the “Company” or “AAC” together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) upholds its Corporate Social Responsibility principles of “people-oriented, compliance, continuous improvement and benefits to society”.

AAC Technologies defines Sustainability as a commitment to build a strong and successful business for the future, while minimizing negative environmental and social impacts, and sharing long-term values with its stakeholders. To integrate considerations on sustainability, social and community aspects into all our business decisions, ensuring that all decisions are made with knowledge of their social, environmental and economic implications in line with AAC's core values, “Safety First, Scientific Management and Stable Development”.

We are committed to the principles of stakeholder engagement, diligently identifying and responding to our stakeholders’ concerns, so we can strike a balance between economic development, environmental and social responsibility.

Our goals for sustainability development address our environment, our people and our community. We are committed to the following governing principles of sustainable development:

  •   To ensure the highest standards of governance, transparent, honesty and integrity in our operations;

  •   To ensure a respectful, harmonious and safe working environment for our people and inspire them to grow with the Group;

  •   To promote a green environment wherever we work and in our operational practices;

  •   To acknowledge the support we receive from the communities we serve by making meaningful contributions to them either through participating in, or sponsoring, worthwhile causes and initiatives;

  •   To influence our supply chain to share our belief with regard to Corporate Social Sustainability;

  •   To continuously improve our sustainability performance through monitoring and reporting

This Policy shall be communicated to AAC’s stakeholders, including but not limited to its employees, shareholders, suppliers, business partners and customers, and made available to the public, including the investing public.